CloudFlare Free SSL & WordPress

CloudFlare Free SSL & WordPress, a match made in heaven? I hope so. The skeptic in me is screaming this is too good to be true. But up to now my experience has been positive.CloudFlare logo

Sure, it may be a cunning plan to sign lots of us up, and then switch on the “Sorry, you’ve got to pay now Dude” sign. But I hope not. Perhaps their goal is to create a rapid, secure DNS service by offering SSL to the masses?

I don’t know. Anyway, let’s press on, I have lots to do and get on and show you just how easy it is to rock SSL on your WordPress site. By the way, this will of course work on all websites, you don’t have to run WordPress to sign up to CloudFlare’s services. But I can’t find any good reason not to use WordPress, can you?