How to: Hammer out the ideal front-end development setup

Setting up Hammer for Mac, Rock Hammer, MAMP & Coda 2 using DropBox is super sweet and rock solid. The ideal front-end development setup? I think so. I may have finally found my holy grail…

I was introduced to Hammer for Mac from listening to the most excellent Unfinished Business podcast. I played around with the demo and have finally forced open my reluctant wallet and paid for the full version. Which truth be told is a steal. My wallet is still sulking though.

Super-charge your web development with Hammer
Still using PHP includes for HTML? You’re going to love Hammer.

After setting the exquisite Rock Hammer, Andy Clarke’s curated project library for Hammer for Mac as my default template. I prepared to do a Sass learning session on my MacBook. I put the Hammer project file on Dropbox. Then set MAMP to point to the /Build/ directory within the project. Remember, it is the build folder where you actually preview your work. So now everything is sweet like cinnamon. This really is ultra simple and a solid way of working.

Coda 2’s superb iCloud syncing feature allows me to resume working on this on my iMac too. All I had to do was select “Add Existing Project” from the file menu in Hammer (or Command O if that is too much work). Choose my project on Dropbox, et voilà! I now believe I have the ultimate front-end development environment. I couldn’t be happier. Well maybe if Hammer synced with iCloud too… but hey, I can live with this.

If you don’t have MAMP you could give Anvil for Mac a try too. I haven’t tried this though as I already have MAMP Pro. But it does look very cool.