Jetpack for WordPress

I love the logo for Jetpack and am loving this new hi’ flying plugin of the same name even more so. Bringing visions of Sean Connery blasting off as Bond in Thunderball attached to his ‘Bell Rocket Belt’, Jetpack is just one more great reason to embrace WordPress. Jetpack introduces features to the self-hosted install including Stats, Twitter Widget, Gravatar Hovercards, Shortlinks, Sharedaddy (social sharing buttons), LaTeX (maths & equations), After the Deadline and Shortcode Embeds. It also hints at some forthcoming features too, so grab your Jetpack from, and attach to your self-hosted WordPress install, and prepare for takeoff.

Learn more about Jetpack and download.

WordPress is Go

It strikes me that WordPress is really coming of age now. It is maturing, like a really fine wine into one slick platform for publishing. WordPress 3.1 has just been released, and has the best name yet for a WordPress version, Django. Named after legendary gypsy jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt, now there was a man who could swing, and WordPress 3.1 does likewise.

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