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We love our work – iFamily

We love our work

14 February

Maybe St. Valentine was on to something. Love is in the air today, of all days, but here at iFamily, we love getting out of bed everyday. because we get to do what we love; work on some amazing websites. This is what drives us to put our heart into every website we create.

May the force be with you

I practice T’ai Chi and one of the interesting concepts that I have learnt is the concept of Qi (Chi). This probably dates back to watching Star Wars  in 1977. “May the force be with you” resonated with my pre-teen mind and struck a power chord in my soul. The concept of Y’chi (pronounced ee-chee) which I learnt from learning Chi Running from Danny Dreyer runs with this idea:

It is best to understand y’chi with the example of a cat hunting its prey. I’m sure you’ve seen a cat that has just spotted a nearby bird. The cat fixes its gaze on its prey and seems to become frozen in place. Then, without breaking its gaze, the cat begins to slowly and quietly creep towards the bird in a motion that can only be describes as “a cat doing T’ai Chi.” It’s limbs are soft and its feet seem to be touching the ground ever so softly, so as to not make a sound. The one thing that doesn’t change is the visual contact the cat keeps with the bird.

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