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We have been web design professionals since 2000. We embraced designing with Web Standards in 2003. We got turned on to the power of WordPress in 2004. Today, we create effective, hard-working responsive web designs which work tirelessly for our clients.

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Designing with Web Standards

Before Jeffey Zeldman’s book; ‘Designing with Web Standards‘, web designers often used invalid and incorrect HTML syntax. HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) is the language of the web. By adhering to web standards we learnt to speak it fluently and accurately. It also meant that our content was separated from the design. It made our web pages light and fast and our web designs were much more SEO friendly and accessible too. A win-win.

A web designer without a copy of Designing with Web Standards is like a carpenter without a level.
~ Dan Cederholm, SimpleBits

Responsive Web Design

Today we practice Responsive Web Design. Which means our designs work well on all devices, from your mobile phone to tablet (iPad), laptop or large screened desktop PC. We have always worked with Apple Mac computers. Even in the early days we worked hard to make websites work well on the dominant Microsoft PC and at the time the less common Mac. This has proved invaluable now that their are countless variations of devices especially in the mobile sector.

Our designs are not paintings. They are designed to flex and move depending on what device sees them. We do work hard to make them look pretty though. We know the more professional looking the website, the better results. You only have a precious second or two to make a good first impression. It is so easy for a user to hit the back button and find a website which they have greater confidence in. Good design will affect your bounce rate, especially if it has been designed with SEO in mind to start with.

The same goes for content, the meat which your users have come for. We always encourage our clients to spend some time on their content strategy before we even fire up Photoshop or any of our other design tools. We believe the design should follow the content.

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