Happy Birthday iFamily

We are one today! Exactly a year ago we formed iFamily Web Design Ltd. In this year, we have worked with some truly lovely new clients and created some fabulous WordPress powered websites for them too. To these wonderful people, we thank you. As people often say in occasions like this, we couldn’t have done it without you! But we really couldn’t. Thank you for investing your confidence in us. We hope you get a wonderful return on your investment.

iFamily Web Design birthdayOther highlights of the year include:

Wishes for 2014 include finding more wonderful clients to work with (like our recent build of ComproGear's Compression Socks for Gout page at https://comprogear.com/compression-socks-for-gout/) and attend more WordCamps and other meet ups. With the proposal that the 2014 WPUK Unconference will be held in nearby Bournemouth, it looks like our second year could even eclipse our first. Now where did we put our sunglasses?